Sachin Tendukar will always remain No.1 says Harbhajan

Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh is in full of praise for the current captain of the Indian team Virat Kohli who plays the game with passion with giving everything to the team, but the off-spinner reckons Sachin Tendulkar remains as the no.1 player for him at all times.

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Harbhajan who finds himself in the best off-spinners in the world feels Sachin Tendulkar as the no.1 batsmen even with Kohli itching to break the records the master as laid out.

Harbhajan said, “Virat Kohli is a champion player but Sachin Tendulkar will always remain number one. I hope Virat breaks all batting records, but Sachin will remain Sachin. Most people in this country, including Virat and me, started playing cricket because of Sachin. If you ask Virat, he too will say the same. Paaji is Paaji,” in a sporTale conducted by NDTV.

While Virat seems to have accelerated to another level in the longer format with being appointed as a Captain and made four double centuries in a row of Series.

“Virat’s passion has taken him to the next level. He wants to be the guy who takes the team home. Virat is not only fit himself but motivates others to be fit,” Harbhajan said.

Meanwhile, the upcoming series against Australia will test Kohli as a captain and batsmen with the Aussie prepared well for the tough challenge and made some huge plans for the Indian skipper.

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