CricSpirit Staff

February, 2023

  • 28 February

    Dream Captain List : 2023 IPL


    The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricket league that is scheduled to begin on March 31. The auction for players took place in December, and teams were able to purchase 80 players for a total of Rs 1,67,00,000,000. The auction was full of players who are good at all …

  • 8 February

    How to give 6 run in one shot?

    According ICC any cricket player can give 6 run in one shot through bat by making ball to cross round line or round sponsored line.   Idea: If you want to give 6 come 6 cm ahead from stump then touch the bat with earth don’t beat earth it’s ICC …

  • 4 February

    How a country enters in World Cup Cricket championship?

    So now you will know how a country declares for the World Cup championship. Yes you saw right I mean declare own country without ICC approval. First they win 3 Tournament continuously which is 50-50 over based with 5- 0 in one series. Then they ask ICC for 40test In …

January, 2023

  • 23 January

    Cricket – What ? How ? Why ?

    Cricket : A game where a people throw the round figure product and a person hits it through a designed or hand level wood. What it is ? Cricket started as a game in England according but England didn’t allow it as game so the founder and its founding team …

  • 21 January

    How India speaks Sachin Tendulkar as God ?

    India is a country of very big population but here people don’t play real games rather than mobile games and the reason for less olympic medals is not support system but the motivation is. People celebrate the medals but don’t respect it. Mostly People call Sachin Tendulkar as God of …

  • 13 January

    Why India has Cricket as game religion?

    Its a game buddy even all religions are game.We shall give a statement which is “Life is like a cricket if you played better that doesn’t matter you won if you became not out you will be the winner till last time.” People followed it and forgot the career around …

  • 12 January

    Why left hand Bowlers get right hand Umpire?

    Some people think that umpire never gets change in a match but they are confused because they wear cap and you don’t identify them in cap. So the answer is: If they will get left hand umpire they will not send balls to batsman for the out them from the …

  • 12 January

    Indian player Rishabh Pant to miss IPL playing role?

    India: Someone is behind this car crash because Rishabh’s injury is not that much big as cricket lovers are thinking. Prime Minister don’t give statement on issues like this. We request Indian Prime Minister to check the fact behind this kind news then waste your time on these kind of …

  • 12 January

    Pakistan why you played better in second match?

    Oh no our Pakistan lost the second day and another brother NZ played little bit better but not then Pakistan. Some controversial matters happened on match but its solved because there were no big issues. We loved how PAK players played good in controversies and they solved it like real …

  • 11 January

    wow! Sri Lanka vs India?

    So India lost the match today and we are a conceptual based platform for cricket lovers. Dasun Shanaka throw a century to Indian team but they couldn’t take responsibility of those runs. Now they (India) are giving credit to their top players that they won the match.   Winning shouldn’t …