5 Knocks Which Made Virat Kohli “The King of Run Chases”


Perspective sometimes is such an abstract concept, sometimes it makes things easier and sometimes it complicates. When it comes to run chases, sitting down in the dressing room, replenishing the morale of the players and deciding how are they going to do it is a lot more easier than reciprocating vehemently on the field.

Picture Source: Cricket Australia

But the current generation cricket lovers, more specifically Indian cricket admirers have witnessed some of the most outstanding run chases in the game’s history, just in a span of 5-6 years. On most of the occasions, Virat Kohli has been at the helm of things and he has been doing surreal things time and again whilst chasing down the mightiest of targets.

He might as well condense a mountain if that was the target set up for him. Many experts rate him the “Greatest Ever Chaser” and hardly few can argue with that. But only few remember what made him the uncrowned king of run chases and its imperative we remember how it all began. Henceforth, lets take a look at 5 innings which saw the inception of the chase master.


1) Kohli is renowned as a chase master because of his exploits whilst chasing down targets in 50 over cricket. Hence, this article only includes innings played in ODI cricket.

2) This article focuses on the innings he played in the first half of his career which earned him the tag “King of Run Chases”, not the best five knocks he played whilst chasing.