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Compare Virat Kohli with Babar Azam says Umar Akmal

Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal who has lost his sheen in batting nowadays expressed his disapproval of people, as to why Umar Akmal is often being compared to Indian Superstar Virat Kohli given both the batsmen play at different batting positions.

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The 26-year-old Umar Akmal is right now struggling to get back into the Pakistan team to feature in all the circuits of the game and is certainly pinning hopes on his decisive work-rate only to help him regain the hotspot in the Pakistan dressing room.

According to Umar Akmal who is setting a crystal path in finding his form back said that comparing him with Virat Kohli doesn’t make any sense. It is understood that Virat Kohli comes into bat at No.3 while Umar Akmal takes charge at No.6.

Had it been for Umar Akmal’s batting position to swap with Virat Kohli, Pakistan cricketer feels that people have right to compare him with Virat Kohli. On speaking to Wisden India, Umar Akmal added saying that “When people compare me with Kohli, it’s not fair. It’s a matter of batting positions. Since his debut, he is batting at No. 3 and I have been playing at No. 6. Let me play at 3 and Kohli at 6, then compare me with him,” Akmal quoted.

Umar Akmal has a point to prove with respect to the comparison which could have been made in a logical manner where he brought the in-form Babar Azam into the limelight who said Babar can be compared with Virat Kohli whose batting position is the same as that of Virat Kohli “Compare him with Babar Azam, who is doing well at 3. He is in great form, so you can compare him with Babar,” Akmal told.

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