Gautam Gambhir furious on Sehwag’s act


Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag, not only being India’s one of the best opening duo’s, they are best mates both on and off the field. Sehwag is one of the very few players to have a good rapport with Gambhir. They’ve been on the same side most of the time and have supported each other in almost all cases. But the Indian opener is not happy with Sehwag’s act.

Sehwag recently took twitter as an opportunity to mock Gurmehar Kaur’s social media campaign against the ABVP, which became very popular on social media for obvious reasons. After Sehwag’s retirement, his tweets are doing the rounds. His tweets are earning him a lot more fans and most importantly money.


After realising this fact, Sehwag seems to be spending most of his time on twitter, reacting and tweeting to almost every noticeable incident, in and out of cricket. Viru’s tweets are mostly hilarious but sometimes, they make way for controversies.

This time it was the trending and controversial topic, the social media campaign of Gurmehar Kaur. Her campaign on horrors of war grabbed the former Indian batsman’s attention. He tweeted on her statement “Pakistan did not kill my father, War did.” Sehwag took the opportunity and posted a similar picture mocking her statement. His tweet was as follows, “I did not score two triple centuries, my bat did.”

This did not stop here, as soon as Sehwag tweeted this picture, many other people started trolling Gurmehar Kaur. While the whole of social media was taking a dig at her, there were few who stood by her side for her deep thought. Amongst the very few people who took her side was Sehwag’s partner in crime when it comes to destroying opposition’s bowling line-up, Gautam Gambhir.

Gautam Gambhir, the Indian opening batsman seemed very much disappointed with the fact that Gurmehar Kaur, the daughter of Kargil war martyr is being trolled for expressing her own opinion through social media. Gambhir joined the debate by posting a video opposing everyone taking a dig at the poor girl. Gambhir’s tweet was in defence of Kaur’s expression of freedom.

“The freedom of expression is absolute and equal for all! High time we learnt that and practised it daily in every sphere of life,” his tweet stated along with a video. Gambir’s video included running text, which said “I have utmost respect for the Indian army. Their service to the nation and all of us is unmatched. However, the recent events have left me with a sense of disappointment. We live in a free country where everyone is entitled to their opinion. If a daughter who lost her father puts up posts about the horrors of war with the intention of achieving peace, she has all the right to.

“It is not an opportunity for everyone to show how patriotic they are and gang up on her to mock her. She is entitled to her opinion just as every other citizen is. Everyone may or may not agree with it but mocking her for it is despicable,” he added. This whole thing seems to be a bouncer on Sehwag’s act of mocking Kaur through his funny tweet.

However, Sehwag didn’t take time to defend this rare bouncer from Gauti. He replied with a series of tweets explaining his intention.

He agreed to Gautam Gambhir’s tweet and said that he didn’t mean to bully over her opinion. He also said that his tweet was just an attempt to be facetious.

Sehwag’s tweet opened a lot of criticism, not only from his opening partner but also his fans. But most of them took it a joke and laughed at it. Meanwhile, Gambhir seems to have taken it to heart.  It is always interesting to see the aggressive batsmen face each other, whether the situation is an on-field or off-field one.

Sehwag’s series of tweets are as follows:

What do you think of all this? Sehwag’s side or Gauti’s side? Do comment your opinion on this issue. Let us all know your feeling on this issue. But before commenting remember, everyone has a right to have their own opinion.