Must Watch: Michael Clarke drives an auto rickshaw in Bangalore


Recently retired Australian cricket team captain Michael Clarke was seen in an unusual video on his Facebook account where he was seen enjoying his stay in India ahead of the second test match between India and Australia at Bangalore. The love for India was oozing from his act of driving an Indian vehicle.

Clarke is going to commentate the second test match between India and his country Australia. The test is scheduled to start from 4th of March at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. In the meantime, he explored the streets of the city. Many foreigners have curiosity about Indian culture because it is totally different from western countries.


While enjoying his off time on the streets of the great South city, the former Australian captain came across Indian famous tri wheeler auto rickshaw. This vehicle is so popular in India that it is used in almost all parts of the country to travel for short distances.

But what is more interesting and heart warming is that Clarke was driving the auto rickshaw rather than just sitting at back seat and relaxing. The auto owner was giving him some driving lessons. The scene was great to see for the eyes because of the feeling that this sport can bring all people in the world closer.

Many people around the crowded street started to film a foreigner driving an auto rickshaw which is a very rare sight in India. They didn’t even know him but still were thrilled with the fact that an outsider is loving their tradition. A man also recorded the video of him driving the vehicle which he uploaded later on his Facebook account.

(You can watch the video Michael Clarke posted on his Facebook page)

Another reason for Clarke to love the city of Bangalore is that he made his test cricket debut in this very country. On Chinnaswamy stadium 13 years ago, a young kid from Australia made his debut against India. He has played 114 more tests after that debut test and went down as the all time Australian cricketing great.