Scenarios for IPL 2023 Reserve Day: What happens if today is washed out as well?

In a twist of fate, the highly anticipated IPL 2023 final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans was disappointing as heavy rain caused the match to be postponed.

Cricket fans around the world are in shock as the IPL battle has been postponed to the reserve day, with the organizers announcing that the final will be rescheduled for tomorrow night. Generally, BCCI keeps reserve days for important matches like this and today was no exception.

After waiting one more day, the anticipation for the IPL 2023 final will have reached its peak. Cricket fans eagerly count down the time until these two strong teams take the field again.

Led by their veteran captain, MS Dhoni, the Chennai Super Kings will look to clinch their fourth IPL title. Gujarat Titans, on the other hand, will be determined to defend their title (which they won in IPL 2022), led by captain Hardik Pandya.

This final will be particularly very special for Chennai Super Kings fans as it will most likely be the last ever IPL that MS Dhoni features in and thus it will be really emotional if he finishes his career with an IPL trophy.

However, it is important to discuss what will happen if tomorrow’s match is not played due to rain and stands canceled. First of all, the officials will try with everything in their capacity to play the match even for 5 overs. A 5 overs (per team) match can be played even till 11:56.

However, if nothing is possible, the title will go to Gujarat Titans as they finished on top of league table this season above second placed Chennai Super Kings. Although this will be considered by many to be unfair, it is entailed in the rule books of the tournament and thus needs to be followed.

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