Top 10 quotes by MS Dhoni about him and his game


These 10 quotes by Mahendra Singh Dhoni might give you a better insight about what goes on inside his head:

1). Taking the blame. Another hallmark of a great captain: “I need to blame myself.I am the leader of the side.I am the main culprit so of course I blame myself.”

2). And he doesn’t make false promises either. He says it like it is: “I tell my wife that she is third most important thing after my country and my parents.”

3). In his own words: it’s always been about serving the country: “I focus on cricket because it’s something I am good at.After retiring I want to serve in the army.It has always been about serving the Nation.”

4). MS Dhoni was asked which series whitewash hurt more, the 2011 tour of England or the one of Australia later that year. This is how he responded: “When you die you die.You don’t think which is the better way to die.”

5). Half the battle is in your head: “Nobody has seen form.It’s a state of mind where you are confident and you think very positively.”

6). Reads the game better than anyone else and yet, isn’t afraid to admit what he doesn’t understand: Frankly speaking I don’t understand Duck-Worth Lewis.I just wait for the umpires decision.”

7). On one of the rare occasions where he sat out due to injury: ” If you are not 100% fit and not at your best and still play,It’s Cheating.”

8). He really doesn’t have time for unnecessary details: News Papers like Times of India will do it for us,so I won’t bother.”

9). Every decision of his is justified. And he stands by them: “You don’t play for the crowd,you play for the country.”

10). From the most loved man in the country to the most hated, India’s affection towards Dhoni turns like the tide. And it’s something he understands: “I have three dogs at home.Even after loosing a series or winning a series,they treat me in the same way.”

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