Reasons why Indian cricketers need more respect and love

Reasons why Indian cricketers need more respect and love: Here are few reasons why playing cricket in India is different and difficult from other countries and Indian cricketers need more support, respect and love.

1) Crazy fans: Indian cricketers have to face the craziest fans of the planet. They will keep you as an idol till your drives and pulls looks cool but the day you fail you will be the target of stones.

Fans change to haters after India lose the match. People pelt stones at player’s house they burn their posters in public and what not? It is pathetic, no other country’s players face this!

2) Pace bowlers will become medium pacers:

Indian pacers who starts with 140kmph speed later they change to 120 and 130 kmph. Yes, if someone bowls at 145 km/hr in a domestic match, then he will be bowling only 130 km/hr when selected for the Team India.

Don’t know who is there behind this dramatic negative change but that fellow have also started making medium pacer cum swing bowler, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar to bowl a little bit high pace disturbing his swinging rhythm.

Mostly in other countries, pace bowler concentrates only on pace and the swing bowlers concentrate on line and length and they don’t try vice versa like India.

3) Media Trolls:

Similar to fans media also overreacts when it comes to cricket matches. Due to some plastic fans, cricketers get trolled every time they fail to perform.

Many people have read fake news in daily newspapers narrating a situation in the dressing room as if they were one of the players present on spot, may be no other nation a double centurion like Rohit would be called as “Two minutes MAGGI” and the billion-dollar captain trolled as “Dhobi” forgetting all the memories MS Dhoni gave to this incredible country.

Media cares more about Virat-Anushka relationship rather than Virat’s gentle leg side flick or a bold movie of Anushka Sharma.

4) Star performance in IPL is a must:

If you are willing to get a place in the National squad then you must perform well in IPL because IPL is like showcasing your talent at one place.Fans and selectors would mark down their name in minds and would be selecting them.

It is must for the Indian players to play in the IPL because it gives you a nice experience when a lot of professionals are competing in the tournament. Competing with them and getting succeeded is what the fans expect from the tournament.

5)  Non-stop Cricket:

People in India love to see the cricketers playing all 365 days. Definitely, it’s not the case in other countries where there is the reach of other games too.

More games, more possibility of injuries and less possibility to cementing the place in the incredible team of eleven representing a crazy billion people.

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