KL Rahul

The interesting story behind KL Rahul’s name

Ever since KL Rahul made a debut in the International arena, the young gun showed great promise in the build-up to his batting approach that he is able to convert the tough phase of a situation to a fruitful plot without a shadow of any doubt.

The resurgent Karnataka batsman who has been gaining popularity for being hungry to essay good runs for the team has shown great signs of contribution when it comes to all circuits of the game and the team requires a player like him to achieve altitudes of glory.

Every cricket fan admires his icon and for Dr. K.N Lokesh (KL Rahul’s father), it’s Sunil Gavaskar whom he looks up to and he wished his son to be named after Sunil Gavaskar’s son Rohan. Having said that, Dr. K.N Lokesh hoped to name his son as Rohan, KL Rahul in misconception took the name “Rohan” as “Rahul”.

KL Rahul who takes inspiration from legendary cricketer Rahul Dravid said “As a youngster, it is very easy to complicate things. All he (Dravid) tells me is that cricket is a very simple game and to keep it that way. Work hard on your technique and that is like oxygen.” KL Rahul added.

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