How India speaks Sachin Tendulkar as God ?

India is a country of very big population but here people don’t play real games rather than mobile games and the reason for less olympic medals is not support system but the motivation is.
People celebrate the medals but don’t respect it.
Mostly People call Sachin Tendulkar as God of Cricket and Here we will point out that why he is not.
Cricket should be in Olympic games list as well either change the name of Olympic for India as Cricket.
Some people will say that Cricket is our favorite game or India’s but then  we will say why you are calling a player as God of a game if its limited to you.
We agree that he scored a-lot in cricket but that not much that he can create a segment for a national award.
So Love the game to enjoy the life not the players who comes to play and take vacation after few years then advertise themselves.
Rest what we want to say that BCCI, ICC and other organizations you know what we mean and we support them because you are calling a player as God of Cricket or a playing game.

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