Cricket – What ? How ? Why ?

Cricket : A game where a people throw the round figure product and a person hits it through a designed or hand level wood.

What it is ?
Cricket started as a game in England according but England didn’t allow it as game so the founder and its founding team went Dubai to form a organization for it. We are not sure for founding team and its used by Dubai people to win Gold etc but when they got enough Gold, They sent it China and China manufactured it as currency by taking some commission since then Gold started to get valued and traded and Dubai Currency became rich currency and it made Dubai a profitable place for everything.
How It is ?

Its a game which gives fun when people hold wood product but it gives tiredness when people throw and catch the round figure product.
so who gets more enjoy? According Our research who gets last wood product in last term of the game enjoys the game and it goes now a days to who throws round figure product to wood controllor.

Why it is ?

Normal people enjoy it to as fun when they play and who don’t play and celebrate it only, they work as its revenue generator or customer. who don’t understand they love it to watch at home so overall its game of fun and money according its customer and lover who loves it they get fun who celebrate it they sponsor it.



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