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Sachin Tendulkar takes selfies with physically challenged people

When you hear the names like “Master Blaster”, “Little Master”, it reminds us of one iconic cricket legend who took the game to an advanced level that no one would dare to or even close to getting near the record or breaking his milestones in the times to come.

Sachin Tendulkar has lived up to his reputation of being the smartest cricketer for which he has been able to enjoy the taste of good music rather than a sad lyrics. Well, everyone has ups and downs in their life but the way of producing a stellar rebound matters a lot.

Credits: Stu Forster/Getty Images Europe

They say no sport is bigger than the sportsman’s name but Sachin prowess came into the limelight that every single cricket fan would certainly pay to watch him play making the name of the sportsperson as popular as the sport.

It’s so special to watch Sachin Tendulkar’s candid shows and every time when the Little Master takes guard at the striker’s end, we could hear the chants of ‘Sachin’ from every possible corner making the atmosphere a little more dynamic.

Credits: Express photo by Punit Paranjpe

Those 24 years of excellent cricket career was something adorable to have witnessed it at the best scene and it doesn’t matter if Sachin is playing at home or in unfamiliar climes, there are die-hard devotees who could still travel miles to support the Indian great.

The picturesque straight drives, awesome backfoot punch, sharp square cuts, beautiful cover drives, powerful pull shots, paddle sweep, upper-cuts makes him completely special in every aspect of his batting approach in what was a class of pristine timing and placement.

Express photo by Pradip Das

The real happiness is watching Sachin’s highlights and those mesmerising straight would certainly send tingles down the spine without a shadow of any doubt. The biggest heartbreak for every avid fan is the Sachin’s farewell leaving the fans in tears.

Evennow, we have a great respect for the Iconic cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. Recently, the down-to-earth person was seen spinning the wheel outside and took time to take selfies with the physically challenged people making their day a little more special.

Above all, we salute you!

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