Watch Video: Jitesh Sharma and Liam Livingstone smacks Jofra Archer! Scores hattrick of fours and sixes

In a highly anticipated match between Punjab Kings and Mumbai Indians at the Punjab Cricket Ground in the IPL 2023, Jos Buttler-led Punjab Kings won the toss and elected to bat first. After a solid start, Punjab Kings found themselves in trouble at 120/4 after 16 overs.

However, enter Liam Livingstone, who had been in great form coming into this game.In the 18th over, Jofra Archer was handed the ball by Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma. Liam Livingstone was on strike and had already hit two consecutive sixes in the previous two deliveries.

Archer bowled a short delivery outside the off-stump, but Livingstone was up for the challenge. He swivelled on his back foot and pulled the ball over long-on for his third consecutive six. The crowd erupted in joy asLivingstone continued to pile on the pressure. Archer then followed it up with a full delivery on middle and off, but Livingstone was not to be denied.

He cleared his front leg and smashed the ball straight down the ground for another huge six. The momentum had shifted towards Punjab Kings, and Livingstone was leading the charge.In the third delivery of the over, Archer bowled a slower ball on middle and off, but Livingstone was equal to the task.

He backed away early and swatted the ball over long-on for his third consecutive six in the over. The Punjab crowd was in raptures as Livingstone completed a hat-trick of sixes against one of the best bowlers in the world.Jitesh Sharma, the Punjab Kings batsman, was in an aggressive mood as he took on Jofra Archer, the Mumbai Indians fast bowler, in their IPL 2023 encounter. In the first instance, Archer bowled a length ball outside off, which Sharma swatted wide of long-off for a boundary.

The fielder gave it his all, but the ball was hit with enough power to beat him comfortably.Archer then tried a slower ball, perhaps trying to deceive Sharma with a change-up,but the batsman was up to the task. He heaved across the line and got a top edge, but it had enough on it to clear the fielder at short third and race away for another boundary.

The fast bowler tried to bounce Sharma with a short ball next, but the batsman was ready for it. He pulled hard and high towards deep midwicket, where the fielderrushed forward and dived, but could not get a hand to it. The ball beat him and went for yet another boundary.

Livingstone’s heroics in that over had taken the game away from Mumbai Indians,and Punjab Kings posted a mammoth total of 208/6 in their allotted 20 overs Livingstone top-scored for his team with 87 runs off just 39 deliveries, including 9sixes and 3 fours.In conclusion, Liam Livingstone’s breathtaking display of power-hitting against Jofra Archer in the 18th over of the match between Punjab Kings and Mumbai Indians at the Punjab Cricket Ground in the IPL 2023 will be remembered for a long time. It was a display of pure skill and courage, as Livingstone took on one of the best bowlers in the world and came out on top.

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