When Wriddhiman Saha pulled off a red-hot stunning catch


In cricket, Wicket-keeping is not like a hot knife through butter as you may not know what happens during the time of release from the bowler. In this case, the batsman could middle the ball or leave it like that. Taking guard behind the stumps, wicketkeeper plays an anchor role in keeping an eye on the ball in an attempt to catch the ball from going behind.

Credits: BCCI

During the India-Australia first Test match, Wriddhiman Saha pulled of an absolute peach of a one-hand catch that shook the stadium. Umesh Yadav has been quite impressive and was mounting pressure on the Aussies right from the word go.

Yadav’s delivery was right on the money which saw Steve O’Keefe edging straight behind the stumps and Wriddhiman Saha appeared at the best scene to take a one-handed flying catch.

Interestingly, the ripper of a catch is recorded as the best moment of the first day’s play. Take a look at the one-handed stunner catch from Saha.

Credits: Hot Star