Why Virat Kohli is worst captain according us?

Virat has a power like Indian cricket team but he can’t introduce a best cricket team even like Saurav.

Here are five reason which can change your mindset and you can see each player from same eyes.


First reason:

The cricket is a game where without married people can play and that’s what BCCI didn’t and we don’t fear from BCCI to tell this because this is a cricket constituitonal law.


Second reason

He is a good batsman like Batman but we think he can bat alone only so it’s also rule of ICC that only one player can play in cricket.


Third reason

Rohit is like idiot in front of Virat because he is all rounder and it’s exclusive that Rohit is decided as Batter only by BCCI

Fourth Reason

Who says Virat has less follower than Dhoni.Ofcourse They are right and why ask BCCI chairman.


Fifth reason

We don’t have knowledge of good activity that’s why we are losing a game which is enjoyble but people wants to do bowling only. We means India.

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