Controversial Mayank dismissal spurs ball-tracking debate

Mayank Agarwal’s LBW decision look like “umpire’s call’ to the naked eye? Didn’t it? Lungi
Ngidi’s delivery seamed back in sharply from slightly back of a length, striking the batter high on the pads. To umpire Marais Erasmus and everyone watching on TV, it seemed the ball would be missing leg stump. Dean Elgar appealed but even the replays looked like it was a no-brainer. Enter ball-tracking, after an interminable wait, and suddenly the projected path seemed to caress the outside of leg stump.

Umpire’s call, right?
Mayank Agarwal plays a shot during his knock on Sunday Or was more than half the ball
hitting the top of leg? while for the ball-tracking to continue going on in the match.” Erasmus seemed flummoxed come on), everyone started For Agarwal, the highlight of
when asked to reverse his decision doubting themselves.”
this seems one “As someone who has been his head, his promising innings
decision which will continue to watching him closely, he really having been cruelly cut short. polarise. Keep an eye on the understands where his off The decision created a furore on ball-tracking on Day 2! stump his.

He is willing to get in social media, with many putting the line of the ball. KL is very up screenshots of the dismissal David stressed on discipline’
disciplined with his game plan to justify that the ball-tracking Agarwal was more forthcom-
and mindset. He is looking to bat had been “suspicious” on what new coach Rahul through whenever he gets set.” At the end of the day.

Dravid had to say to the batters Agarwal said India would be still seemed sore and made it clear before the Test. “The conversing a 400-plus total, while he didn’t like the decision. Ngidi felt the pitch still had its allowed to express my opinions on being very disciplined. He was best left to offer to the bowlers. “he said, feigning a smile. “Un- clear that when you are playing “There are still balls jagging off less I want to be in the bad books in SA, you will not look very the deck. If you can get two and get my money docked.” good but it is about sticking to
wickets in two balls, anything Lungi Ngidi was more forth- your plan and waiting for oppor- can happen. If we get a couple coming, even though he too was tunities,” said Agarwal.
of early breakthroughs it could stuck on ‘umpire’s call’. “I felt it “We were thinking around turn the game on its head. An was a good shout,” he said, “If those lines.

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